3rd EuBIS meeting in Paris under the patronat of the Etablisment Francais du Sangue (EFS) 1st of September to 4th of September

10.Sep. 2009

The meeting in Paris, from the 1st - 4th of September summarised the experiences on the self-inspections and regulatory-inspections performed during work package 6 in order to test the EuBIS manual. The meeting achieved also consensus on the revision comments given by the Project participants and collaborating partners during the circulation and evaluation phase of the manual following the 2nd EuBIS meeting in Frankfurt. Consens was reached, that the manual is designed to assist blood establishments in need to optimise their quality system and self-inspection process related to the EU blood directive. blood establishments to prepare for regulatory inspections by competent authorities and competent authorities, which wish to use the manual as a reference for the implementation process of the European blood legislation related to regulatory inspections.

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