5th International EuBIS Seminar and Training, 14th -17th October, Istanbul, Turkey

14.Oct. 2014

Based on the EuBIS manual and guide the EuBIS Academy has organised training seminars and courses in order to promote knowledge in the area of quality and safety of blood and blood components throughout Europe and world wide.

On behalf of all EuBIS Project participants, Collaborating partners and the Academy trainers, we are looking forward to welcome you in Istanbul, Turkey and hope that we will have an exciting training including fruitful discussions and extensive exchange of ideas.

Prof. Dr. Christian Seidl, EuBIS Academy Coordinator

Dr. Fewzi Teskrat, Former Co-Chair of PIC/S, Expert Circle on Blood, Tissues and Cells

Dr. Nigar Ertugrul Oruc,Diskapi Yildirim Beyazit Training and Research Hospital, Ministry of Health, Turkey

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