8th EuBIS Seminar and Training 'Good practice in blood components and medicinal products referring to GP and GMP’ 5th – 7th of October 2016, Rome, Italy

5.Oct. 2016

Based on the EuBIS manual and guide the EuBIS Academy has organised training seminars and courses in order to promote knowledge in the area of quality and safety of blood and blood components throughout Europe and worldwide.

The 8th EuBIS Seminar and Training Course is organised by the EuBIS Academy in cooperation with the National Italian Blood Center (CNS, Istituto Superiore di Sanità supported by the European Blood Alliance (EBA) and will be a further milestone in the objectives of EuBIS to give assistance in promoting its mission ‘from good to best practice in transfusion medicine’. The seminar will build on previous EuBIS training courses with the scope to train on the impact of the new regulation of Good Practice Guidelines (Directive 2016/2014) amending Directive 2005/62/EC) for blood and blood components in the European Union.

It comprises lectures and group work in a face-to-face fashion based on cases covering several aspects of GPG and GMP such as Inspection/Audits, Validation, Change control, Corrective Actions and Risk assessment. On behalf of all EuBIS Project participants, Collaborating partners and the Academy Trainers.

Prof. Dr. Giancarlo M. Liumbruno General Director CNS Istituto Superiore di Sanità

Prof. Dr. Christian Seidl Coordinator EuBIS Academy Director Department of Transplantation Immunology Vice Medical Director (VMD) GRCBTS Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Simonetta Pupella Director Medical Affairs & Blood Inspection System – CNS Istituto Superiore di Sanità

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