European Project adressing the safety
of blood transfusion


Project Cooperations

Project cooperation with other European initiatives or organisations related to inspection schemes of pharmaceutical products and tissue and cells:

The project is aware of other European initiatives or organisations that have developed inspection standards used in the area of pharmaceutical products and tissues and cells.

Among those, the project will evaluate the standards and inspection programmes established by:
  • the Joint Accreditation Committee of the International Society of Cellular Therapy (ISCT) and the EuropeanGroup for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) (jointly referred to as JACIE)
  • the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation scheme (jointly referred to as PIC/S)
  • the European Medicines Agency (EMEA)
for its use in the area of blood establishments.

The Project will also collaborate and exchange ideas with a project co-funded in-parallel following the call 2006. This Project, European Union Standards and Training for the Inspection of Tissues Establishments (EUSTITE), will seek to draw on JACIE's experience in the area of inspections. The project is also in contact with the International Plasma Fractionation Association (IPFA) and the national competent authorities in the member states.
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