European Project adressing the safety
of blood transfusion


Work in progress

The second project phase - Manual draft and Cross Reference Guidelines

Circulation of the first EuBIS manual draft on the inspection guidelines and standards in between the Project participants.

The work plan of the EuBIS project includes the preparation of a draft of the manual and subsequently a final edition.

The manual draft takes into account the responses of the EuBIS survey questionnaire and the discussion by the Project participants during the Inaugural Project meeting and the subsequent working group meetings. The EuBIS manual recognises that several inspection criteria and programmes in the health care area had already been established and will include these as cross reference tables.

EuBIS Part A Guidelines The draft text is currently circulated in between the project participants for their comments and contributions. Taking into account all relevant remarks and observations, the draft will be revised and a validation process undertaken. The draft will be given to competent authorities or blood establishments that are planning to modify or to set up their inspection system.